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On Cloud shoes are one of many’s favorite athletic shoes right now. Thanks to their cushioned landings and superior grip, they’re at the top of their game. Many fans and customers often wonder how to clean On Cloud shoes.

There are two ways: rubdown and handwash. For the rubdown method, simply clap the shoes together to remove loose dirt and wait for the remaining dirt to dry before brushing them off. For the handwash method, spot-treat loose and stubborn dirt and stains first then soak the shoes in warm water and mild soap. Scrub out any remaining dirt, then rinse.

There is not one clear-cut way to clean and wash your On Cloud shoes. The best method is what works for you and keeps your shoes clean and safe.

Below, we’ll go over the two best methods of cleaning On Cloud shoes. We’ll also cover everything you need to know about the On brand and its famous Cloud shoes.

What are On Cloud Shoes?

On is a brand and company of athletic shoes and sportswear with roots right in the Swiss Alps.

Retired athlete Olivier Bernhard founded the company in 2010 when he saw the need for a new pair of running shoes with a totally new feel than what the current market has to offer.

On Cloud shoes were created with one goal in mind: to experience “running on clouds”. Thus, the brand launched its most famous line of athletic shoes and apparel – the On Cloud shoes.

The On Cloud shoes were created to be the most high-performance shoe ever, offering both cushioned landings and powerful take-offs in every pair.

On has garnered a loyal fan following of athletes, runners, marathoners, and casual walkers all over the world. The brand has proven itself a worthy competitor of other world-class shoe and sportswear apparel brands like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and more.

The Cloud Collection

The Cloud Collection is the brand’s most sought-after line of active and athletic footwear. So loved by many, one would naturally wonder why.

  • Cloud On shoes are made to perform for athletes, active people, and people always on the go
  • Soft and cushioned landings
  • Superior performance and grip
  • Molded heel for a snug and secure fit
  • On’s signature speed-lacing system for easy on and off
  • Soft-touch upper fabric for a step-in feel
  • All-day comfort with breathable, antimicrobial mesh

Can You Wash and Clean On Cloud Shoes?

On Cloud shoes are famous number-one best-sellers for a ton of reasons. They’re so famous that many choose these as their number one casual everyday shoe. Due to constant use, your On Cloud shoes will inevitably get dirty and collect dirt and all kinds of debris.

When the inevitable comes and you find yourself with dirty pair of Cloud On shoes, you would need to get your hands dirty instead to get rid of all the dirt and debris on your pair.

While running shoes should definitely not be over-washed, you also shouldn’t leave them unwashed. Leaving them dirt and unwashed can actually cause damage to the rubber and overall construction of the shoes. Additionally, dirty shoes are a breeding ground for odor and mold growth.

Washing and cleaning your Cloud On shoes will help prolong their life so you can enjoy their benefits for much longer.

How to Clean On Cloud Shoes: Different Methods

If you find yourself dealing with dirty running shoes that need some deep cleaning, here are different ways you can do it:

Rubdown method

The quickest and easiest way to clean your shoes after a run is with the rubdown method. This gives your shoes a good clean, perfect for getting ready for your next run or adventure.

What you’ll need for this method is a dry shoe brush. If you don’t have one, an old toothbrush will do just fine.

Here’s what you need to do to clean your shoes with the rubdown method:

  1. Remove the big clumps of dirt and mud buildup from under your shoes by clapping them together. Do it a few more times to really remove all those big clumps of dirt.
  2. Then, remove the laces and take out the inner soles.
  3. Place the shoes (laces and inner soles included) in a dry place. Wait for the rest of the dirt left behind to dry.
  4. Once the dirt and mud are dry, use the dry shoe brush (or old toothbrush) to remove the rest of them.

Handwash method

Handwashing your On Cloud shoes is a great way to freshen them up if you notice a lot of dirt and mud buildup.

To handwash your shoes, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bucket or basin
  • Soft-bristled shoe brush or an old toothbrush
  • Mild soap or detergent
  • Warm water

Before you start washing, it’s important to make sure that all the dirt and mud on your shoes are dry. Dry dirt is easier to clean and wash off than wet dirt.

Here’s the cleaning process to effectively handwash your shoes:

  1. First, remove the laces and insoles.
  2. Take your soft-bristled brush and scrub and wash off the surface of the shoes to remove any loose dirt and mud.
  3. For stubborn dirt and stain on the shoes, spot-treat first with a mild soap, detergent, or even baking soda. Brush and scrub the spot with the soap.

If your shoes end up clean after this step, you can stop here and have them airdry now. If your shoes need more deep cleaning, proceed with the next step.

  1. Fill your bucket or basin with warm water (not boiling water and definitely not cold water). Add some mild detergent or soap to the bucket of warm water – steer clear from harsh chemicals. Stir until there are some suds in your cleaning solution.
  2. Put in your shoes. The shoes should be completely submerged under the warm water.
  3. Leave your shoes submerged and soaking in soap and water for about ten to fifteen minutes. Depending on how dirty your shoes are, soaking time could be shorter or longer.
  4. After soaking, take your soft brush again and brush the surface of the shoes to remove any more stubborn dirt and tough stains. Scrub in between edges where dirt and debris may squeeze into.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with how clean the shoes are, rinse off all residue with water.
  6. Leave the shoes to air dry before use.

Can You Wash On Cloud Shoes in the Washing Machine?

While many websites suggest that it’s okay to wash your On Cloud shoes in the washing machine, On recommends skipping the machine and simply handwashing your shoes.

While it can be a tempting choice, skipping the washing machine can help with the longevity of not only your shoe’s life but also your washer.

How Often Can You Wash and Clean On Cloud Shoes?

On recommends that you should wash your On Cloud shoes as seldom as possible.

While you can use the rubdown method anytime your shoes need a good, quick cleaning, washing with water should be done sparingly. Handwash your shoes only when you really need to.

To limit how many times you need to wash your shoes, use the rubdown method every time you go out on a run and end up going home with a lot of dirt and mud buildup on your shoes.


On Cloud shoes are some of the most popular and trendy running and athletic shoes right now. They’re perfect for athletes, marathoners, runners, and casual walkers alike. Many loyal fans wonder how to clean their favorite On Cloud shoes.

There are two ways you can clean your On Cloud shoes: the rubdown method and the handwash method. With the rubdown method, you only need to clap the shoes together to remove the big clumps of dirt. Then, wait for the rest of the dirt to dry before brushing them off. For the handwash method, spot-treat stubborn dirt and stains first. Then, submerge the shoes in warm water and soap before rinsing.

And that has been our detailed guide on how to clean On Cloud shoes. For more questions, reach out to us below!

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