Best Shoes For Disney (Including Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’)

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Going to Disney theme parks is fun and quite truly magical. But making that trip also entails hours of walking and waiting in long lines. This is why it’s essential to equip yourself with the best shoes for Disney.

Our best women’s shoes are the New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize Sneakers. These are oh-so-comfortable for all-day wear but still, these provide the support and stability your foot needs. For men, check out the Adidas Men’s Ultraboost-21 Running Shoes. This provides stability and grip on any surface while providing comfortable all-day wear.

Of course, not everyone wants closed shoes to make their way around Disney. Some prefer open sandals for that breathability factor. Some prefer to wear swimming shoes to get themselves ready for getting wet. This is exactly why we included five of our favorites in the list below.

In this article, we’ll go over the best Disney shoes in the market and why a good pair of shoes matter. We’ll also go over what factors you should consider andd some more additional shoe tips for your next Disney trip.

Why Do I Need to Wear the Right Walking Shoes for Disney World and Disney Theme Parks?

Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, whichever Disney park in the world you visit.

A day to visit a Disney theme park is like having your childhood come alive right before your eyes. It’s truly a magical place, which tons of adults and kids alike would be a living testament to.

When you plan a day (or days) trip to Disney, it’s important to keep a checklist of essentials to bring. When you’re about to haul yourself and your family around Disney, comfort takes the number one priority.

When we go to theme parks, we walk and wait in line for hours. A typical theme park-goer can average about 20,000 steps and lock in miles of walking back and forth and waiting in line for the more popular rides and attractions.

Because you’re on your feet for hours on end, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes. You don’t want your feet to blister or be super painful at the end of the day. Painful shoes and equally-painful feet could suck out the magic of your Disney experience.

What Kind of Shoes Do I Need for Walking Around Disney?

The shoes you need for walking around Disney should be comfortable. It should wear nicely around your feet. At the same time, it should give your feet enough support to take on thousands of steps and hours of standing.

Breathable running and sports shoes are the most recommended types of shoes you should consider packing. Waterproof and quick-drying shoes also come highly recommended. Your feet can sweat throughout the day or can get wet due to water-based rides and attractions.

Our Top Picks

  • Material: 100% Synthetic
  • Item Weight: 5.3 Ounces
  • Sole type: Rubber sole
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  • Material: 100% Textile Synthetics
  • Item Weight: 13.4 Ounces
  • Sole type: Rubber sole
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  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Item Weight: 10.41 Ounces
  • Sole type: Rubber sole
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  • Material: Textile
  • Item Weight: 6 Ounces
  • Sole type: Rubber sole
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  • Material: Recycled Plastic
  • Item Weight: 1.3 Pounds
  • Sole type: Rubber sole
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The Best Shoes for Disney

  1. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize Sneakers – Best Women’s Shoes
New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize Sneakers

One number-one women’s shoes for Disney strolling is the New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize Sneakers! If you want something lightweight and oh-so comfortable for your Disney trip, you better check out a pair of these.

Designed with REVlite midsole cushioning, this provides superior comfort and responsiveness for comfortable all-day wear, no matter the terrain you’re walking on. This also comes with the brand’s memory sole comfort inserts that keep your underfoot on a plush surface with every step.

These women’s sneakers use mesh and synthetic upper materials for a super lightweight and breathable feel on your feet you won’t even feel like you’re wearing shoes. This also has an easy-on and easy-off construction for women always on the go.

These boast a bootie upper construction that hugs your foot in a snug and supportive yet comfortable fit. And though essentially a slip-on, this has been upgraded with laces as well to offer extra support and security around your foot.

Even with a very supportive outer sole, this gives your feet the most comfortable experience yet. This feels great on your feet, no matter how far you’re walking or for how long you’re standing in line.

The collars hit the ankles great and won’t leave you with blisters even with all-day walking around Disney. And thanks to the flexible upper materials, these shoes allow your feet to swell during the day and they still won’t feel as tight.

Many would also agree that, unlike other shoes on the market, these don’t need to be worn in, again, thanks to the comfortable overall material.

The one drawback to this New Balance pair is the sizes run small, as already stated in the product’s description. Due to the shoes’ performance fit, New Balance suggests getting a half-size bigger than what you would usually get. But according to many reviewers, this runs a whole size too small so getting a whole size bigger is highly recommended.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Comfortable for all-day walking
  • Snug and supportive fit
  • Easy-on and easy-off


  • Size runs small
  1. Adidas Men’s Ultraboost-21 Running Shoes – Best Men’s Shoes
Adidas Men's Ultraboost-21 Running Shoes

If you’re looking for men’s shoes that will do wonders for your next Disney trip, check out the Adidas Men’s Ultraboost-21 Running Shoes!

These Adidas running shoes are designed with 25% more Boost midsole cushioning, providing your feet with maximum comfort even with all-day walking in any Disney park. It also makes these shoes more responsive for the ultimate energy return on every step, no matter the surface you’re walking on.

The brand’s new Torsion System works to increase midfoot and forefoot stiffness. This reduces the amount of energy you need to exert with every step.

This shoe’s continental rubber sole provides wearers superior traction and an adaptive grip. These work well together no matter the terrain or the weather condition.

This pair of running sneakers has a sock-like fit for a snug yet comfortable fit. It has primeknit forged uppers too for that lightweight and comfortable yet secured all-day wear. It also comes with an s-curve heel, which reinforces that snug fit without any heel slip no matter how many steps you take on in a day.

If you decide to use this for your next Disney vacation, you are promised a comfortable all-day walk. These will not leave your feet in a painful position. And with a supportive heel counter and arch support, this provides superior stability.

Many would agree that this works great for walking, running, or as daily-use shoes. It’s also very light and comfortable, perfect for all-day wear.

And if you’re extra eco-conscious, these comfortable walking shoes are Primeblue shoes, which means they’re made with Parley Ocean Plastic and a minimum of 50% recycled materials.

The one drawback to this is the sizes run small. It can fit pretty tight on some so a few customers who bought it suggest getting at least a half size up from your usual shoe size.


  • Comfortable midsole cushioning or all-day wear
  • Adaptive grip and traction
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Superior stability


  • Sizes run small
  1. KEEN Kids’ Newport H2 Closed-Toe Water Sandals – Best Kids’ Shoes
KEEN Kids' Newport H2 Closed-Toe Water Sandals

If you’re traveling with kids to your next Disneyland adventure, you better check out the KEEN Kids’ Newport H2 Closed-Toe Water Sandals, our top pick in the kids’ shoe section.

A pair of water sandals, this has quick-drying webbing that’s perfect for kids who go in and out of water. The upper’s construction and design make sure to let air in and your kids’ feet breathe. 

This has quick dry linings for active kids who run and jump around, sweating on their tiny feet. On top of that, the hydrophobic mesh lining also features KEEN’s Cleansport NXT, a natural anti-odor material to control odor and prevent stinky little feet.

On the bottom of the sandals are multi-directional lugs with quick water channeling. This provides superior grip and traction on wet and slippery surfaces. You can trust this to keep your kids on their feet no matter the surface they’re walking on. The outsoles are designed without any markings, leaving no marks behind when walking indoors.

Constructed with protective toe bumpers, this prevents kids from stubbing their toes on hard surfaces, so kids continue being active while parents can lessen their worries.

For absolute all-day comfort for your kid’s next Disney trip, this comes with compression-molded EVA midsoles. Many parents would attest that this pair can endure a whole-day Disney trip and so much more. This keeps kids’ feet comfortable and without pain or discomfort even for very long trips.

For easy-on and easy-off even for little kids, this is designed with wide, adjustable hook-and-loop straps and elastic cord laces.

These kids’ sandals are machine washable, making them very easy to wash whenever needed. What’s more, they don’t shrink whenever they’re washed. When these come out of the washer, they look new as ever.

Like the shoes before this one on our list, many found the sizes on this running small. Sizing up for your kid’s perfect fit would be a good idea. Additionally, a few parents found this needs to be broken in so make sure to do that before going on your Disney trip.


  • Quick-drying water sandals
  • Superior grip and traction
  • Protective toe bumpers
  • Breathable, comfortable, and anti-odor lining


  • Size runs small
  • Needs to be broken in
  1. Skechers Women’s On the GO 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandals – Best Women’s Sandals
Skechers Women's On the GO 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandals

The next item to make it into our list of the best shoes for Disney are women’s sandals – the Skechers Women’s On the GO 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandals! If you’re looking for open-toe sandals to walk around Disney parks in, learn more about our next pick below.

With Skechers’ 5Gen midsole cushioning plus their GOga Max memory foam, this ensures all-day comfort even when you walk thousands of steps. This offers a comfortable footbed that works to absorb impact and offer adequate support.

Each pair is overall lightweight, soft, and comfortable, perfect for walking around Disney theme parks without going home with feet hurting afterward. And because these are sandals, they make a perfect choice for walking around in hot and humid weather conditions.

This is designed with the brand’s GOrun 600 sole, offering flexibility for more responsive walking, no matter what surface you’re on. The soles have multi-directional traction, making sure you stay on your feet all day.

The straps are adjustable hook-and-loop instep closures, making sure you get the perfect snug and secure feet around your feet. The heel straps are also padded to ensure they won’t rub against your feet, keeping you comfortable.

The uppers on these sandals are a soft and smooth piqued textured mesh with soft fabric strap lining. The fabric straps have a subtle stripe pattern and keep any discomfort away from your feet. They look sporty and casual for any woman on the go.

These women’s walking shoes are machine-washable and will look good as new with every wash. They are quick-drying as well, making sure you never encounter issues when your feet sweat or when you go on wet rides.

The platform has an approximate height of 0.75 inches. The one downside to this pair is not many find it very stylish.


  • Open-toe women’s sandals
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Responsive walking and multi-directional traction
  • Soft and adjustable closure straps


  • Not the most stylish
  1. Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT2 Sandals – Best Men’s Sandals
Teva Men's Hurricane XLT2 Sandals

And our last best Disney shoes pick is a pair of men’s sandals – the Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT2 Sandals. If you want your feet to get enough air circulation as you’re making your way through the magical world of Disney, you should check this one out.

A water-ready men’s sandal, this has polyester and nylon webbing that dries quickly after getting wet. The sandals’ webbing uppers are extremely durable and will stand up to daily use and even extreme wear during hiking.

There are shock pads and EVA cushioning on the footbed of each sandal for even more enhanced and comfortable all-day wear. It also comes with a nylon shank that works to provide stability and superior support for your feet, no matter the terrain or surface your feet land on.

On the bottom of each sandal are rugged rubber outsoles, providing you with much-needed traction to keep you on your feet. These sandals are treated with Life Naturals. These are ethically sourced peppermint-based antimicrobial components that prevent odor by fighting odor-causing bacteria.

The straps on this use an easy hook-and-loop closure mechanism for quick and easy on and off and allows you to get the perfect custom fit your feet need. The heel straps have soft padding to keep you comfortable and prevent any rubbing where the straps sit.

If it matters and if it’s a huge factor for you, the webbing uppers on these sandals are made with traceable and verifiable Unifi REPREVE polyester, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

As seen in some customer reviews, the sizes on these men’s walking shoes can run big so going down a size is sometimes suggested. Some also found the straps to be rubbing on their skin, causing some level of discomfort.


  • Water-ready sandals
  • Stable and supportive
  • Prevents foot odor
  • Durable and quick-drying


  • Size runs big
  • Straps can rub

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Your Next Disney Trip

With this many shoes to choose from for your next Disneyland trip, we’ve rounded up all the essential factors you should consider before making your purchase final:

Lightweight and comfortable

When you go to any of the Disney theme parks around the world, you’re for sure walking and standing in line all day. When looking for shoes to wear on your next Disney trip, comfort is optimal.

Your Disney shoes should be very comfortable for you to walk and stand in them for an entire day without pain and discomfort. You can get this with soft yet supportive footbeds and midsoles.

You don’t want any rubbing, chafing, or blistering as this can only spoil all the fun you have ahead of the day.

The best Disney shoes should also be lightweight. You don’t want to wear shoes that will add weight, giving you an additional burden.


Spending a day in Disney parks would entail sweating feet along with a lot of walking and standing. The best shoes to wear on days like this should allow your feet to breathe.

You don’t want your feet to suffocate inside shoes, as this can lead to foot swelling. Feet sweat can also smell bad, especially after a long day of walking. Letting air in your shoes can help prevent this and keep bad foot odor at bay.

Waterproof and/or quick-drying

If you’re considering going to water parks, attractions, and rides, you need shoes that can hold up getting soaked and wet.

It would be best to get shoes that are either waterproof or water-resistant. Either one of these features will keep your feet from getting wet. No one wants to walk around with soaking-wet feet.

If your shoes aren’t waterproof, quick-drying shoes should give you the second-best feature in the getting-shoes-wet department.

Supportive and stable

Your feet will be working for hours when you visit any Disney theme park around the world. For this reason, you would want to get shoes that provide adequate support and stability.

Plenty of comfortable cushioning is key for your feet’s support and stability. Some shoes are even designed with soles and foams to absorb and reduce impact whenever your foot makes a landing.

Having shoes with enough support and stability will prevent any injuries to your feet.


Nothing ruins a fun day in Disney more than broken-down shoes. When you’re in one of Disney’s theme parks, expect a lot of walking and standing up in queue lines.

You want to use and wear a walking shoe that is durable and will stand up to abuse and hours of use.

Broken in

Lastly, the best Disney shoes are not new, instead, they’re broken in. New shoes can rub your feet the wrong way, causing chafing and blisters. This can be very painful and uncomfortable, especially for a trip as long as a Walt Disney World trip.

Some new shoes don’t need to be broken in, but still, keep this in mind when you’re selecting your next Disney trip shoe.

Now, before you pack your shoes…

We’re now at the end of our best walking shoes for Disney guide but before you go, we’re here to give you a few more tips to make sure you’re comfortable on your next Disney theme park trip:

It’s always a good idea to pack more than one type of Disney walking shoes if you want to be on the safe side. If you’re already wearing running shoes, packing to wear flip-flops or water shoes could be a great addition to going to water attractions. Packing extra socks can also be beneficial if you get yours wet.

Packing open-toe sandals can also give you the option to change shoes in the middle of the day to give your feet a break and let them breathe.

And if you find your shoes don’t support your feet enough way before your scheduled trip, get yourself some supportive insoles to take your favorite shoes up a notch.


Disney theme parks are indeed magical. But along with all that magic is all-day walking and standing in queue lines. For the most magical Disney experience yet, it’s important to choose the best Disney shoes.

Our number one Disney shoes pick for women is the New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize Sneakers. These are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. It has a snug fit that doesn’t falter and provides adequate support. For men, our top pick is the Adidas Men’s Ultraboost-21 Running Shoes thanks to its comfortable cushioning perfect for all-day Disney trips. It also boasts superior stability and grip.

And that has been our detailed guide on the best shoes for Disney. Please don’t hesitate to reach out using any of the channels below!

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