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Footsmarter is an independent review site for all things foot care. It’s the best resource for information on how to take care of your feet, from choosing shoes and socks for work or sports, to finding the best insoles and accessories.

Footsmarter’s mission is to help you find products that can improve your comfort in everyday life and athletics. I consult experts, find answers to your questions, and draw from personal experience to provide you with the latest information on products related to foot care. 

I spent years on my feet as a teacher and girls basketball coach. After developing plantar fasciitis, I got to talking with friends and found out foot issues are more common than we know. Many of us walk around ignoring foot pain. If we are fortunate enough to have feet that work, we should care for them. Serious foot problems are painful and a huge hinderance to everyday life.

I hope to share everything I have learned to help you avoid painful experiences with small preventative measures and the right footwear. 

– Jessica

Footsmarter Editor

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Jessica M.
(Retired Teacher & Basketball Coach)