Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain for millions around the world. While there are other ways to deal with the condition, one easy way to manage its symptoms is by wearing the right pair of shoes. Many ask what the best men’s dress shoes for plantar fasciitis are.

Our number one pick is the Orthofeet Men’s Gramercy Plantar Fasciitis Shoes. These have foam padding and heel cushioning for maximum comfort and support. These come with premium orthotic inserts that provide anatomical arch support while offering pain relief. These are removable as well so the shoes can accommodate your own custom orthotic inserts.

Of course, just because it’s our top pick doesn’t mean it’s what everyone is looking for for their needs. That’s why we included not just one but five of our best picks for plantar fasciitis dress shoes.

Below, we’ll go over the basics of what plantar fasciitis is and how the right shoes can help you manage the stabbing pain it causes. We’ll go over our top five dress shoes picks and we’ll give you a detailed buying guide to make sure you’re getting the best for your needs.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is currently one of the most frequent reasons for heel pain. The pain occurs when there is an inflammation in the plantar fascia in your foot.

Plantar fascia is a strong and fibrous stretch of tissue (similar to a ligament) that runs from your heel bone to the base of your toes. This forms the arch on the bottom of the foot. It provides support and absorbs shock when you’re walking.

The constant use and shock on the fascia can cause tears. When this happens repeatedly, this can cause inflammation known as plantar fasciitis.

Overusing one’s feet is a common cause. It’s most common in athletes or those who stand for long hours. Nonetheless, anyone can develop this foot condition.

Plantar fasciitis is an extremely common condition and it’s estimated that around one in ten people will develop it in their lifetime.


Plantar fasciitis pain usually affects one foot at a time but it is possible to have both feet affected at once.

When you suffer from it, you will experience sharp, stabbing pain at the bottom of your foot. The pain usually feels worse when you take your first few steps after waking up. The pain subsides throughout the day as you take more steps.

You can also feel strong pain after a long time of standing or when you get up after sitting for some time.


In most cases, plantar fasciitis can be treated and managed with over-the-counter and at-home treatments and medicine. Massaging and stretching the affected foot can also offer some pain relief. Resting and icing your foot are quick at-home remedies.

Plantar Fasciitis and Diabetes

Plantar fasciitis is most common in runners, people who are always working on their feet, people between the ages of 40 and 60, overweight people, and people with diabetes.

People with diabetes are more likely to develop it than people who don’t have diabetes.  This is because they have increased risk factors for being overweight. And being overweight means there is that extra pressure on the foot which can cause plantar fasciitis.

A sedentary lifestyle might also increase the risk of developing it. Inactivity and infrequent use of muscles, ligaments, and tendons could make them weak over time. And when you get up to do some strenuous activities your body isn’t used to, this could be a cause of inflammation and injury.

Plantar Fasciitis and Shoes

Plantar fasciitis can be treated and managed in various ways.

First, there are over-the-counter medicines to relieve various symptoms. Many who suffer from the condition also turn to at-home remedies to deal with the pain.

Then, there are surgeries available to relieve symptoms and treat the condition, though this is rather an uncommon route to take.

Lastly, getting the right pair of shoes with adequate support, stability, and cushioning can help plantar fasciitis sufferers manage the symptoms and deal with the pain. And for our top picks for the best men’s dress shoes for the foot condition, read on below!

Our Top Picks for the Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Item Weight: 1.75 Pounds
  • Sole type: Rubber sole
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  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Item Weight: N/A
  • Sole type: Rubber sole
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  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Item Weight: 2.05 Pounds
  • Sole type: Synthetic
View On Amazon →Read Our Review
  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Item Weight: 12 Ounces
  • Sole type: Rubber sole
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  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Item Weight: 15.8 Ounces
  • Sole type: Rubber sole
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The Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Orthofeet Men’s Gramercy Plantar Fasciitis Shoes – Best Overall
Orthofeet Men's Gramercy Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

Our number one pick for the best men’s dress shoes for plantar fasciitis is the Orthofeet Men’s Gramercy Plantar Fasciitis Shoes!

Dubbed the ultimate footwear solution, this has non-binding uppers and seam-free interiors. These ease pressure on feet, bunions, hammertoes, and swollen feet while providing maximum comfort.

This comes with a wide and roomy toe box and extra depth to give your feet and toes enough room to wiggle and move. It has extra-foam padding and heel cushioning to keep your feet extra comfortable. This offers excellent stability and support for walking.

Each Orthofeet shoe comes free with premium orthotic insoles. These insoles offer anatomical arch support to offer pain relief from foot and heel pain. They also have a contoured heel seat and padded cushioning foam to minimize foot and leg fatigue.

The shoes have the DryPlex anti-odor fabric and PolyU foam to wick away sweat and prevent foot odor. These insoles are removable and provide sufficient space for your own custom-made orthotics.

Additionally, each pair comes with two fitting spacers and arch boosters to further enhance arch support according to what your feet need.

This is available in two colors and also comes in regular, wide, x-wide, and xx-wide sizes to provide you with a variety of sizing options.

Each pair is guaranteed to look great and dressy enough for formal wear all the while taking a lot of the stabbing pain away.

Though it’s decent enough that you can either dress up or dress down with it, it’s not the most stylish dress shoes to get your hands on.


  • Free and removable premium orthotics
  • Non-binding uppers and seam-free interiors
  • Anatomical arch support and premium stability
  • Moisture-wicking and anti-odor fabric


  • Not the most stylish dress shoes
  1. Dr. Comfort Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Classic Dress Shoes – Best for Patients With Diabetes
Dr. Comfort Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Classic Dress Shoes

If you’re also dealing with diabetes on top of your symptoms from plantar fasciitis, consider checking out Dr. Comfort Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Classic Dress Shoes.

These Dr. Comfort shoes use only the best technology and materials to construct top-quality diabetic shoes. These work to protect your feet from the many complications of diabetes and what that could mean for your feet.

This has natural leather uppers to keep feet cool and dry while regulating heat from walking and daily activities. This has a large toe box to allow movements and alleviate pressure on sensitive and problematic feet. It’s also a protective toe box to prevent toe stubbing and potential foot injury.

The interiors are soft and smooth cushioned leather along with a padded tongue and heel cuff for extra comfort. The heel counter is both padded and firm for comfort, protection, and added support for every step.

Each Dr. Comfort shoe comes with gel insole inserts. They absorb shock well and provide sufficient stability the foot needs, especially for individuals with medical conditions like diabetes and arthritis.

What’s more, these insoles are removable. The shoes can accommodate your own custom-made orthotics.

The outsoles on these are extremely long-lasting yet are made lightweight to further reduce fatigue on your feet and legs. Many would agree that these are some very comfortable shoes.

This is available in two colors and comes in a variety of sizing options from regular to wide and x-wide sizes.

These look good as dress shoes and look normal and not like other special diabetic shoes out on the market. Some buyers found the shoes a little dull and lacking in the shine department though.

And like any other shoe, these can be stiff at first and would need to be broken in, which could only take up a day.


  • Protects feet from diabetes complications
  • Roomy and protective toe box
  • Removable gel insole inserts
  • Lightweight yet long-lasting


  • A little dull on the shine
  • Needs to be broken in
  1. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxford Shoes – Best Lightweight Comfortable Dress Shoes
Dr. Scholl's Men's Sync Oxford Shoes

If what you value in your next plantar fasciitis dress shoes the most are comfortable and lightweight factors, check out Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxford Shoes!

This pair of shoes from Dr. Scholl boasts an oh-so-lightweight and flexible construction that moves with your every step. Many would agree that these are the most comfortable dress shoes they’ve ever worn. Still, it provides adequate support and offers a decent grip to keep you on your feet.

This comes with a soft tongue and heel padding to make it even more comfortable to wear for long hours. It has extra support under the toes, a high-recovery foam under the ball of the foot, and a dense foam cradling the heels. A combination of all these construction choices makes this a very comfortable pair, making it a go-to for many who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

These men’s dress shoes come with anti-microbial and anti-odor insole technology. The insoles keep your feet cool and dry while preventing odor from long periods of wearing.

The insoles on these shoes are made with cushy, algae-infused Bloom foam. These not only provide adequate cushioning, comfort, and support but are more sustainably crafted.

And to add to the shoes’ sustainability, the linings, toe box, and heel counter are all partially made from recycled materials.

These are currently available in eight color choices and in both regular and wide sizes.

The one drawback to this is that the size runs smaller. Many suggest getting a size bigger, especially if you have wider feet.

There are also quality issues on some pairs. Though the issue doesn’t seem to affect all of the shoes in the line, it’s something to weigh in and think about.


  • Comfortable, flexible, and lightweight
  • Sustainably made and crafted
  • Anti-microbial and anti-odor insole technology
  • Adequate cushioning for support and comfort


  • Size runs small
  • Quality issues on some pairs
  1. Cole Haan Men’s OriginalGrand Shortwing Oxford Shoes
Cole Haan Men's OriginalGrand Shortwing Oxford Shoes

The next item to make it into our list of the best men’s dress shoes for plantar fasciitis is the Cole Haan Men’s OriginalGrand Shortwing Oxford Shoes!

Designed with the brand’s Grand.OS cushioning technology, these shoes have responsive energy foam to maximize comfort. This promises comfort and supports your feet no matter how much you walk and stand in a day.

The shoes’ cushioning technology extends all the way from the footbed to the outsole, ensuring form-fitting wear. The cushioning technology is also lightweight but still absorbs shock, the perfect combo for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Anyone with sensitive feet will also benefit from wearing these shoes as they will keep your feet from hurting at the end of the day.

The uppers of the shoes are crafted with a combination of leather and nubuck upper materials. This makes for a very comfortable and lightweight pair of shoes. Though lightweight and considerably thin, these don’t feel cheap at all. In fact, many find this rather durable.

These are available in a whopping 20 color choices. These offer some great color schemes to take you from a business attitude to a night out. These look classy and attractive, going well with both slacks and jeans.

These are available in both regular and wide sizing choices. And though this is the case, some still find it to run small, both in the toe box and the shoe’s overall width. Because of this, you would need to break into it.


  • Responsive cushioning technology
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Absorbs shock when walking
  • Available in 20 color scheme choices


  • Size runs small
  • Needs breaking in
  1. Rockport Men’s Ridgefield Eureka Walking Shoes
Rockport Men's Ridgefield Eureka Walking Shoes

And our last pick for the best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis is the Rockport Men’s Ridgefield Eureka Walking Shoes!

Essentially a pair of walking shoes, these fit like athletic shoes but look nice enough to wear in the office and around formal settings. Wear dress shoes and comfortable walking shoes at the same time as these can easily pass for both business and casual dressing and are a true pair of walking shoes.

This pair of shoes conveniently combines the comfort a walking shoe provides with the look of a casual dress shoe so you won’t have to compromise again.

With the brand’s San Crispino construction, this has a padded collar and tongue for maximum comfort. The extra cushioning prevents irritation even after long hours of use. It also comes with reliable and all-day heel stability and forefoot flexibility.

This comes with impact-absorbing EVA midsoles that absorb shock and impact in a flexible and lightweight construction. This has a latex foam footbed that reduces foot fatigue.

Many patients who suffer from plantar fasciitis have this to thank for effectively managing their symptoms.

This comes with a moisture-wicking mesh lining that’s breathable and makes wearing it all the more comfortable. This has durable rubber outsole that are sure to be long-lasting. What’s more, they provide stability and traction for various surfaces.


  • Athletic fit in an attractive pair of dress shoes
  • True walking shoes with durable rubber soles
  • All-day stability and traction
  • Breathable, flexible, and comfortable


  • None

How to Choose the Best Men’s Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis and are looking for the right shoes to help you manage the symptoms, keep these factors in mind to make sure you’re getting the right pair:

  • Lightweight materials

When you’re looking for the right shoes for plantar fasciitis, you want to relieve some of the stabbing pain by choosing lightweight shoe materials rather than heavy materials. This takes some of that pressure off the plantar fascia, an effective way to relieve some pain.

Very tough and heavy shoe material puts more pressure on our feet, which can then lead to even more inflammation and stabbing pain.

  • Comfort and flexibility

Comfort is one of the major factors you should keep in mind in looking for your new pair of plantar fasciitis dress shoes. The right pair of shoes should be comfortable enough for you to wear for long hours of walking and standing.

It shouldn’t put any unnecessary pressure on your feet, as this can only worsen the pain at the bottom of your foot.

Additionally, a flexible pair of shoes will move with you and your every step. This means your feet wouldn’t have to work as hard as you stand and walk.

Prioritize getting a comfortable and flexible pair of dress shoes.

  • Arch support

When a shoe offers sufficient arch support, this will help take some of the pressure from your foot’s arch. Arch support will depend on your individual foot shape and contour.

When there is less pressure and strain on your foot’s arch, you can help manage and even reduce the pain in your plantar fascia.

  • Stability

Shoes that provide improved stability will help prevent your feet from pronating. This means less strain on your plantar fascia. The right shoes should keep your feet stable with every step you take, preventing further foot pain.

  • Removable insoles

Most of the best plantar fasciitis come with free orthotic insoles. These insoles offer more support, comfort, and stability than regular insoles. And though they can be beneficial for many, the best shoes to get your hands on should have removable insoles.

Additionally, your choice of shoes should be able to accommodate your own custom-made orthotic inserts, if ever you have one. Having this feature will allow you to get even more customized support and comfort especially made for your feet.


When you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis, it’s important that you get your hands on the right pair of shoes. Though they’re far from curing the symptoms, the right shoes should help you manage the pain throughout the day.

Our number one pick for the best men’s dress shoes for plantar fasciitis is the Orthofeet Men’s Gramercy Plantar Fasciitis Shoes. This has foam padding and heel cushioning for the ultimate comfort. This also comes with premium orthotic inserts for arch support that offers pain relief as well. These are removable and the shoes can easily accommodate custom-made inserts.

And that has been our detailed review of the best men’s dress shoes for plantar fasciitis. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us below for any of your queries!

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